Aaron Jaffe, award winning composer based in New York, specializing in television, film, fine arts, and commercials.

Jaffe’s bold palette of electronica, acoustic, rock and orchestral writing has given rise to his signature “textural crossover” style.  As a multi-instrumentalist, he feels equally at home playing classical music on his piano, cranking up his Les Paul through an old Marshall Plexi or pulling sonic flavors out of his digital and analogue synths.



Aaron scores Distance…

Aaron recently completed the original score of a new film by director Dean Russell called Distance.

A woman trapped on a desolate planet, separated from her friend and only other crew mate by an incredible chasm, fights for survival through storms, darkness and loneliness. Little does she know the dangers approaching – and the power of a friend who won’t give up.

New spot – Capsule Chix

Agency: Nick Velocity Producer: Christopher Randsell Art Director: Eric Van Skyhawk


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